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  Founded in 1996 by architect Ilse lang, Faro Design edits and distributes its own products on  Faro store, in Porto Alegre, as well as other shops in Brazil and other countries. 


    We design focused on the simplification of solutions, with open eyes to materials and cultures of our region, looking forward to create objects capable of generating identification and attachment for its intrinsic qualities, independent of ephemeral trends.


   Our collection has many pieces that spin, stack and stretch to accomplish its function. We take care of mechanisms so that this interactive character also becomes playful, connecting the people to the things throug the play.


   These efforts have been recognized in national and international publications and awards, including our work on many expositions of brazilian design here and abroad.

ilse lang
awards & expositions

Casa Claudia 2001


design brasil 2003

estilo zaffari 2006

para ti deco 2007

Casa Claudia 2008

Verano 2008

Kaza 2009

A Vivre 2010

Casa Claudia 2010

Design Brasil 2010

Edgar 2010

Intramuros 2010

Origine 2010

Wallpaper 2010

Estado de São Paulo 2011

Kaza Talentos Sul 2011

Living 2011

Casa Claudia 2012

Ideat  2012

bamboo 2015

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